5 Tasty burgers in Tallinn: Grourmet and Fast-food options.

1. VLND Classic burger: The local legend (must try). 

VLND’s impact has gone further than the burger itself. They have built a community of friends so it’s no wonder that their Balti Jaam location is constantly filled with people. Prepare to wait up to 30 minutes or visit them during the early opening hours. 

Now to the burger itself. It’s fantastic taste comes from the quality ingredients that they use, the bread and meat and locally sourced from the best producers. The bread from Viljandi is a good old yeast bun made with only vegan ingredients. The meat is 100% beef seasoned only with salt and pepper. The fullness of the meat combined with the fresh buns makes for a perfect foundation of the burger.  

Between the buns to give taste to the burger is rucola, pesto mayo, tomato, fresh red onions and cheese. The taste pallete is perfectly complimentary – the pesto mayo is the strongest in terms of taste followed by the rucola. 

Its a burger that often people try to replicate at home but its almost an impossible task. 

    Price: 9.50€ 
    Rating: 9.5/10 
    Location: Balti Jaama Turg, Kopli 1, 10149 Tallinn 

    Uulits’ Beef Hamburger with Bacon and Salted Caramel is a flavor-packed and offers a unique twist for burger lovers. The combination of sweet caramel with salty bacon creates a contrast that works wonders. What’s more, Uulits takes pride in using freshly made patties and buns along with locally sourced beef, ensuring top-notch quality. With the addition of bacon and cheddar, this burger packs a punch of rich, savory goodness that leaves you craving for more. If you’re after a burger experience that’s both bold and delicious, look no further than Uulits’ Beef Hamburger with Bacon and Salted Caramel. 

    3. Truffle pesto & double cheese – Estonian Burger Factory

    4. Chick Norris from Peatus. For all the chicken lovers 

    5. Hesburger – This is not gourmet, this is a honest burger. Nothing fancy about it. A fast food one. 

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